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Vehicle Tracking

The Tracker unit is a small electronic homing device that is fitted to your vehicle in any number of covert places and is virtually impossible to detect. Unlike other, more expensive, systems, there are no telltale antennae or aerials to give its presence away. When stolen it, it will emit a signal that the Police are able to receive.


inc fitting

Tracker Monitor £340 fitted plus subscription
Incorporates a movement detector so the unit actually senses the theft of the vehicle and automatically alerts TRACKER Network, who in turn informs you of a probable theft. Once you confirm the vehicle has been stolen, the TRACKER unit is activated and begins to emit a silent land based radio signal.  The signal is able to be picked up by any of the UK's 52 Police forces that are in the vicinity of the stolen vehicle and the siginal gives the Police a vehicle location.  


inc fitting

Tracker Horizon £438 fitted plus subscription
When a vehicle is stolen the unit sends a system to Tracker HQ confirm whether it has been stolen.  When the vehicle is confirmed as stolen to Tracker HQ, they confirm it on their system and inform the Police.  The Tracker unit hidden in the stolen vehicle is activated, sending a silent land based radio signal and its position is being logged via GPS satellites.  Together the signals enable the Police to locate and secure the vehicle.

Options Include:
24 Volt

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